Accounts Presents 12 Days of Baking

This isn’t just another Christmas event, but a tale of family, friendships, colleagues and food off course. The Accounts Department in their pursuit to spread joy and happiness during the Christmas season planned and executed its very first 12 Days of Baking. A festive initiative that involved staff baking a Christmas dish and sharing it among colleagues within the department.


Coordinator of the event, Albertina Cherubin explained, the genesis of the activity came from a need to bring cheer and hope to staff amid the pandemic. According to her;

“The Accounts Department has always believed in the importance of creating a space and in most cases an activity away from daily work duties that encouraged comradery between members of the department. Though this year was different we wanted to ensure that amid the pressures of the pandemic our staff remained hopeful and cheerful during the season.”

We salute the Accounts Department on the success of this activity.




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