From Deck to Delivery


The Business Development and Corporate Communications Department, as part of its function to conduct and maintain an effective and reliable research and statistics portal will facilitate a focus group session on Monday 9, 2019 at SLASPA's training room.



The focus group will form part of efforts to improve the efficiency of the cargo handling process from deck to delivery. The session will greet 12 stakeholders of the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) who participate in the delivery and receipt of cargo. 


Upon completion, it is envisioned that the authority will commence the necessary steps to:

  • To create a more customer-focused environment within the sheds
  • To improve workflows and generate an integrated system which allows for the monitoring and evaluation of processes.        
  • To decrease the processing time to a maximum of forty-five minutes.
  • To establish a quarterly follow up system which encourages feedback from customers.
  • To, therefore, optimize the cargo delivery process experience for the the customer

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