Meet SLASPA’s Human Resources Team

In 2019 the Human Resources (HR) Department embarked on a reintroduction exercise throughout the organization.  Although the HR team promised to have more intimate sessions yearly there were several unforeseen events that prevented the same from happening, including COVID 19, last year 2020. 


The HR department is committed to continuously challenging itself to provide the highest quality of service to our internal and external customers while exhibiting the necessary level of professionalism, courtesy and respect.  The HR Department is a dynamic team of employees led by a Senior Manager - Human Resources. Within the department are vital positions such as:


  • Manager – Employee Relations
  • Training and Development Officer
  • Labour Relations Specialist
  • Human Resource Officer
  • Human Resource Officer – Employee Benefits
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Human Resource Associate


The HR Department is responsible for many functions and activities that require the department to develop, communicate and implement.  These include and not limited to, the following: 


  • Policies and Procedures Creation: vacation leave policy, acting appointment, compassionate leave, performance management policy, reward and recognition policy.


  • Programs Creation: succession planning, social activities, educational activities, on boarding.


  • Employee Wellness Program: facilitate employee private and confidential counseling, sessions on a healthy lifestyle.


  • Administrator the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreements: work with the four (4) Unions, and ensure grievance procedures are followed, work with the negotiation team.


  • Administration of Employee Benefits – Pension and Group Medical Health Plan.


  • Advice on Disciplinary Actions: warnings, misconduct and alike.


  • Recruitment and Selection: job requisitions, advertise openings, interviews, selections etc.


  • Process personnel activities: job letters leave request, transfers, promotions, resignations, terminations, maintenance of employee files and alike.


  • After School Program.


  • Liaise with External Governmental Department: Labour Department for employee matters, health and safety reports, NIC.


  • Training, Learning and Development: facilitate learning, identify developmental programs and work with department administrator job-specific training.


The HR Team operating in such a dynamic environment means that there must be an emphasis on planning for future needs, problems and changes that may evolve. As such, they are committed to being proactive, responsive and effective.  However, the team cannot do it alone, HR needs the assistance of management and staff to continue the work.  The HR team asks that you bring your ideas as we work together to motivate our human resources to connect people and the world.





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