Wecc Confidentiality Agreement

In accordance with our role and expertise in reliability standards, WECC may provide advice on mitigation plans, sanctions or other issues related to violations of Alberta`s reliability standards at the request of the MSA. WECC`s monitoring of ESO is generally carried out in a manner consistent with the operators` control of AESO`s compliance with Alberta`s reliability standards. In accordance with its mandate under the Alberta Utilities Commission Act and other orders, the Market Supervisory Administrator (MSA) is empowered to assess compliance with Alberta`s reliability standards and, where appropriate, to take coercive action. The WECC will conduct its oversight under the mandate and authority of the MSA and report to the MSA. Stakeholders will also recognize that ISES` behaviour is explicitly part of ISES` mandate, including compliance with Alberta`s ISEE reliability standards. As a result, msA and WECC are considering cooperating in the monitoring of ISEA and have developed a formal MSA WECC services agreement, which is currently submitted to the WECC Committee for review and approval. After approval on behalf of WECC, the service agreement is then signed by MSA. Recordings (information) related to services provided by WECC remain confidential within the WECC, are disclosed only on the basis of expertise and are not shared by WECC with other parties outside Alberta without the agreement of the MSA. Stakeholders will be aware that wecc plays a greater role in the connected electrical system outside Alberta, including electrical systems in western U.S. member countries, parts of Mexico, and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. With respect to Alberta, WECC and aESO have entered into an Affiliate and Enterprise Agreement (MOA) that reflects on how the two parties will work together to ensure cross-border reliability (approved by MOA by the Alberta Utilities Commission). In particular, these parties considered that wecc should play a supervisory role to the extent that AESO compliance (the MOA also explicitly includes the enforcement role of the MSA) should play a supervisory role. This cooperation by WECC ESO reflects the desire for consistency between legal systems, as provided for in alberta policy and legislation in Alberta and across Canada in terms of the reliability of the electrical system.

The MSA expects to provide an update on the status of the MSA WECC services agreement in the coming weeks. Re: MSA WECC Services Agreement – Monitoring – Reliability Standards Compliance Initial Compliance Monitoring is expected to be implemented by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) for market participants in compliance with reliability standards. If compliance by ISEA itself, MSA plans to conduct the monitoring with the assistance of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council, Inc. (WECC), a U.S.-based reliability organization. The MSA will be responsible for enforcing Alberta`s reliability standards by ISO as well as market participants.