Cheers For the Season!

A Special Christmas Greeting!


A spirit-filled and truly blessed festive season to one and all. At this time of year, we are constantly reminded of how thankful we need to be and that we openly acknowledge our many blessings. At SLASPA, it is no different. We as team SLASPA have several things to be thankful for. There are accomplishments that all of us can share in, from large projects to small individual efforts all aimed at making our organization one that is truly dynamic and an active engine for economic growth in our country. Yes! We all have done our part and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.


2019 was a year of change and excitement here at SLASPA. The organization has seen both departures of long-established employees to welcoming new persons with fresh and exciting perspectives to further develop that which we have been left with. We have partnered with many other entities to add value and effectively position SLASPA as central to our nation’s development.


We look to the promise of the New Year 2020 as with it SLASPA will see even greater efforts in areas of national development that will further attest to the great capacities and talent that resides within team SLASPA. Our aim is simple, that we continue to build on the successes of the past while reducing possible conditions that may hinder our progress. I know that our team here can do it and will pursue approaches to not only be efficient and successful but to also surpass the expectations of onlookers. This will be us as a team, showing every reason why this organization is and will continue to push our nation’s national development agenda.


Let me again wish all members of our management and our staff in all departments a Merry Christmas, filled with the joys and heartfelt sentiments that comes with the season. I further wish all team members a bright, exciting and dynamic New Year filled with engaging and enticing development activities here at SLASPA as we continue to remain true to our mission of connecting people, partners and the world.


Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous 2020.

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