COVID Christmas – By: Peter Lewis

Christmas 2020, is going to be like none ever we have known in our lifetime. Think about it, beyond our usual gifting and the ham or turkey as well as friends and family with lots to eat and drink. This social distance Christmas with jingle bells hardly ringing and everyone locked inside to reduce interaction and the further spread of this pervasive virus.


From the above one may say that the idea of the season of good cheer seems so bleak and despair everywhere may actually be the reality. Ohh no, I think not! This time of good cheer can still be fun and exciting even with distance between us. Some beautiful gift ideas include well decorated masks, fruit baskets, candy and chocolate baskets to name a few. The regular gifts from our favorite stores like perfumes, jewelry, shoes and clothing are still available.


More than anything, this season seems to suggest us getting back into board games, puzzles and yes tech stuff, lots of tech stuff. From smart phones, tablets, watches, wireless everything, including headphones, printers and not forgetting laptops even game systems. These will definitely be of greater personal value in the midst of staying indoors for the greater part of the season.


 There we have it, things to consider unless you need to get your house in order with bed linen, beautiful home décor, a pet among others. More than anything let not this time of year pass you by without reaching out to friends and family via WhatsApp, skype, or telephone to let them know you are thinking of them and that you care. Praises, in the midst of all this difficult year we can still celebrate life.

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