Defining SLASPA’s Role in Education

Throughout the years, SLASPA has been committed to education, not only through employee enhancement and development, but also by providing scholarships to children of employees who have succeeded at the primary and secondary level exams. SLASPA’s support for education also includes organizing educational visits to the various facilities for students, participating in career fairs and providing work experience and career training for Secondary, College, University level students as well as partnering with the National Skills Development Center (NSDC) in Saint Lucia.


 These partnerships and educational port visits allow students to interact with staff of the Authority, get to experience how the port operates from the loading and offloading of containers and passengers to the processing of customers and handling of goods, see how employees interact with customers and also understand the day to day operations of the various departments within the organization. Internally, SLASPA has a vibrant Employee Development and Training Unit that facilitates training and seminars for employees, stakeholders and customers.


Throughout the years, customers and stakeholders have participated in SLASPA led and facilitated workshops gaining exposure in a number of disciplines including; customer service, performance objectives, risk assessment in Maritime security and court prosecution. The organization also has an indirect role in the education system in Saint Lucia, as the custodian for the air and sea ports, SLASPA facilitates the importation of educational material and learning tools both academic and athletic to the island. From fabric for uniforms, books, to laboratory and sporting equipment, come through SLASPA’s port.


Look out for the announcement of SLASPA's scholarship recipients....

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