Reaching Against the Odds

Approximately 12 months, 53 weeks, 371 days, 8893 hours, 533,604 minutes, and 32,016,297 seconds later, we continue to thrive amid COVID-19. Perhaps this time is more than appropriate to applaud team SLASPA. We have done well.


As we recognize the anniversary of COVID-19's introduction to Saint Lucia, it would be remiss of me not to mention the commitment throughout this organization's hierarchy. Surviving this pandemic could not be a one-person approach. I believe this has been one of the most significant takeaways in every organization, in every household, in every nation. COVID-19 has taught us that a pilot cannot direct his aircraft alone. We saw the halt of a flourishing cruise industry to Saint Lucia, but we endured; a drastic hold on flights into the island, but we kept on aiming, and when our borders were closed, we kept on reaching. The Strategic direction that our leaders took in implementing new processes was exceptional. Of course, we must also commend the staff for embracing new goals and executing them with ease. Perhaps this was indeed our most remarkable and most self-defining year.


I believe that this pandemic proved that what makes this organization a powerhouse isn't our role in economic fuelling or as an economic engine. NO. We move this vehicle differently. We are the engines. Without our influence, what would move? So, what makes SLASPA a powerhouse is our ability to persevere against the odds. Therefore, the Authority should be known as a leader in adversity. Throughout this pandemic, we have been on the frontline, working hand in hand with every industry from Health, Tourism, Agriculture, and Security. We have always been on the frontline. This year, what stood out is that finally, the world saw it, even us, the employees.


This year has been one of adapting to new policies and organizational reform. A year of recreating and introducing new methods to meet employee and customer demands. A year of breaking glass ceilings. All of us have had to play an active role in this race to victory against COVID-19, and though we cannot foresee the finish line just as yet, I've never known great athletes to quit. So, I challenge you today to salute yourself. You have done well.


Here's to all of us continuing to win together.

1 thought on “Reaching Against the Odds

  1. Love that article, Geena Mc.Phee,

    The one about : “Reaching Against The Odds”.

    Well written and superbly expressed ! Itemizing the weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds – which characterized our experience of COVID – 19. Yes indeed. It sure was an overall team effort, all hands on board – We are almost there, land ahoy. At the mercies of the almighty we will anchor in in a safe harbor where no fears of the dreaded Corona Virus will await us. All will be alright once again by the Grace of God.

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