Ripe Ncc Standard Service Agreement

11.1 All agreements between the NCC RIPE and the member are governed by Dutch law. 6.2 During the year in question, the clearing house may represent three times the total amount of the NCC service fee. In the event of exceeding the above maximum, the RIPE NCC compensation procedure is implemented within one year of the relevant financial year. 10.4 THE intellectual property of the NCC RIPE (agreements, documents, software, databases, websites, etc.) may only be used, reproduced and made available to third parties with prior written authorization from the NCC RIPE. 3.2 The provision of certain NCC RIPE services may be subject to additional conditions to which the member must consent before accessing these services. II. The member has entered into the standard RIPE NCC service agreement with THE RIPE NCC for the provision of RIPE NCC services. 2.3 The Member acknowledges and accepts that the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement may be amended by a decision of the RIPE NCC General Assembly, in accordance with the procedure described in the RIPE NCC statutes. An amendment automatically comes into effect on the date indicated in the resolution or on the date of the first publication of the general meeting decision and the full text of the amended agreement on, if that date is the last, without the need to re-sign the standard NCC RIPE service contract.

3.5 If the member does not comply with the terms of a RIPE NCC service available on the LIR account, the NCC RIPE may suspend the provision of this RIPE NCC service via that account or any other LIR account whose member operates and receives that service. 9.5 At the end of this article 9, the NCC RIPE will stop providing RIPE NCC services to the member and the member will lose its NCC ripe membership, as described in the RIPE NCC procedure document “Closing LIR and disinscribing Internet number resources.” The member stops using THE NCC RIPE services and works with the opt-out of all internet number resources registered by the NCC RIPE. 9.6 A terminated RIPE NCC Standard Service contract may be reactivated subject to prior written authorization from the NCC RIPE and payment of a deposit fee. For new members who join during the year, the contribution (service fee) is applied in proportion to each quarter, based on the year the application for membership is filed.