Safety Safety Safety!

According to page 20, under section 18 of the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy;


“the employer shall provide employees with information and training to enable them to work safely and discharge their safety and health responsibilities. A person shall not be employed to operate any machine or in any process unless he or she is fully trained to perform his or her functions."

It was under this premise, the Training section of the Human Resource Department deemed it necessary to create a session aimed at increasing the level of safety awareness amongst members of the engineering team. As a result, from December 11 to 12, 2019 a two day Safety Awareness Workshop was conducted.


The two-day workshop facilitated by O’Neil Wildgoose of HiRise Technical Services in Barbados focused on six major components:


  • Proper use of protective gear whilst carrying out work in souwa and manholes
  • Use of protective gear whilst carrying out welding and AC maintenance works
  • Storage of chemicals for spraying
  • Safety working with height
  • Safety working in a confined space
  • Fuel use training

This will go along way in ensuring a safer work environment and reducing the probability of accidents that may cause personal injury or damage to property.


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