Saint Lucia receives Seabed Mapping Data

On Monday 3rd June, SLASPA formally received on behalf of the Government of Saint Lucia seabed mapping information from the UK Hydrographic office. This mapping data will support safe maritime trade and the development of a sustainable blue economy here in Saint Lucia. This information transfer was a highlight of day one of a two-day workshop which was attended by several Government departments and NGOs.

Almost all activity in our oceans, from shipping to monitoring delicate marine environments, depend on accurate seabed mapping data which illustrates the shape and movement of natural underwater features. For island communities like Saint Lucia, the collection of this data is vital to supporting sustainable economic growth and protecting communities from the devastating effects of climate change.

As part of the UK government’s Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Programme, the UKHO led the collection of this data through seabed mapping survey in Saint Lucia’s waters last year. The data has now been handed over to the GOSL Focal point at the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority to brief ministers and provide technical support.


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