Siemens Nx License Agreement

2.4 The “perpetual” or “extended” licence refers to a licence that extends indefinitely. Indeterminate licences do not include maintenance services. 3.5 Use and protection of proprietary files. Newspaper files, data files, rule files and script files generated by or for EDA software (together “Files”), including, but not limited, files containing the Standard Verification Rule Format (“SVRF”) and Tcl Verification Format (“TVF”) that end SISW`s trade secret and proprietary languages, contain or contain confidential siSW information. The client may forward files to third parties, with the exception of AED competitors, provided that the confidentiality of these files is at least sufficiently protected by a written agreement for the client to protect other information of the same nature or meanings, but in all cases with due diligence. The customer can only use files containing SVRF or TVF with EDA software. Under no circumstances can the customer use software or EDA files or authorize their use for the development, enhancement or marketing of products that are somehow competitive with EDA software. The provisions of this section also apply after the contract has expired or is terminated. (b) reverse engineering, modification, use of APIs. The customer will not decompile the source code of the software, decompile it or attempt to identify it otherwise.

The client will use the software provided in the source code only to modify or improve the software for authorized use. The customer will not modify, adjust or merge the software otherwise. The customer is not subject to an open source software license that is in conflict with or does not apply to this software. The customer will not use the software for the development or improvement of products that are competitive with the software. The client only uses APIs that are published in the documentation and are described only as stated in this document to support the authorized use of the software. The restrictions set out in this section do not apply to the extent that they conflict with the applicable law. 3.3 Additional use restrictions. Licensing for some EDA software may be limited to a specific computing power (for example. B the number of nuclei used to process an order) and multiple licenses can be combined to use the computing power of each license for use by one or more authorized users.