Well Hello there Gloria!

“When we add to our fleet we complement our existing operations. Gloria will undoubtedly boost operation efficiency.”

Says Senior Engineer at SLASPA, Mandel Samuel during an interview on the commissioning of Kalmar Gloria Reachstacker Model DRG450.


The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) has commissioned the Kalmar Gloria Reachstacker Model DRG450 to optimize its fleet of three.


The Generation G reachstacker hailed the next generation of productivity, with improvements aimed at increasing operator efficiency. The modernized piece of equipment offers a panoramic view, intuitive interfaces, proactive monitoring, and comfortable seating designed for long shifts and demanding operations.


Commissioning of Kalmar Gloria forms part of the Authority’s quest to increase productivity at every level. In October 2019, SLASPA welcomed the Hyster 450 H\D Series Forklift (20-ton Forklift), the largest capacity forklift to be added to its operations, since the Authority’s existence.


With its new place in Port Castries, Kalmar Gloria is expected to promote profitability, deliver greater throughput, and encourage quicker turnarounds. According to Director of Seaports at SLASPA, Adrian Hilaire:


Every decision we make within the Operations Department is rooted in our mandate to improve employee comfort and productivity; meet customer demand and surpass customer experience through an efficient operation; whether it be container delivery, cargo handling services or destuffing. The reachstacker Model DRG450 is promised to further add to that directive.”

Well hello there Gloria...

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  1. Good day,
    Question; why name the equipment Gloria? Is there a history of this person working at SLASPA? Could you furnish me with a history of Gloria in the Organization? For example one of the pilot boats were named Corneau, because of his history at SLASPA when it comes to piloting. This man was great. Again, please furnish me with Gloria’s history.

    Drucilla Benoire
    Insp. G.F.L.C. Airport.

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